Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Is Hardest To Fall In Love With

ian dooley

1. Aquarius

Don’t get down on yourself, Aquarius. There are of reasons why someone would fall in love with you – you’re honest, smart, independent, and you care about stuff that really matters. The problem is that you are always in your own way when it comes to love. When you feel people getting close to you, you shut them out or block them off because of your fear of emotional intimacy. And that emotional detachment you insist on conjuring is the reason why you are the most difficult to fall in love with.

2. Gemini

Gemini, you’re not much better than Aquarius. You’re hard to fall in love with because people don’t know they’re falling in love with. One minute you’re outgoing and open and then the next you are standoffish, anxious, and flakey. Until you willingly let people get to know sides of you (not just the fun-loving side, but the dark and insecure side too), you are going to continue being one of the most difficult zodiac signs to fall for.

3. Capricorn

Capricorn, you have plenty of qualities that would garner the interest of potential mates – you’re ambitious, impressive, hardworking, and even funny when you want to be. But the reason people walk away before they actually get to the falling stage is because you try to stay one step ahead of them by assuming the relationship is doomed before it’s even started. You think you’re being logical and practical about love, but your pessimism and insistence on having low hopes makes it really difficult for potential loves to want to put themselves out there for you.

4. Scorpio

The number one reason you get in your own way when it comes to people falling for you: you don’t know how to handle jealousy. You have a magnetic energy about you and you know what you want, but if you don’t get immediate reassurance and commitment from someone on day one, you obsess over who else they might be dating, and how much they prioritize you, etc. It all becomes too much too fast, and people feel like they don’t even have the chance to fall for you before you start finding drama and problems in the ‘relationship.’

5. Virgo

If people were to get to know you Virgo, they’d have plenty of reasons to fall for you: your intelligence, your calming energy, your compassion, and your ability to carry on fascinating conversations. The problem is that people don’t get the  to know you, because you’re so anxious and prone to overthinking when it comes to dating that you’re more concerned with obsessing over problems and ‘what-ifs’ than you are with being present in the moment and enjoying the person you’re with. People don’t have the chance to fall for you because your mind is often somewhere else.

6. Leo

Leo, it’s easy to fall for your warm heart, your enthusiasm, and your open mind. But the reason that you’re still difficult to love, even with all of these great qualities, is that your pride gets in the way. You’re set in your own ways, you don’t act as if relationships are 50-50, and you want to control everything. That makes it pretty complicated for someone who might have been interested in you.

7. Pisces

Pisces, it’s not incredibly difficult to fall in love with you, but it’s also not incredibly easy to fall in love with you. If a person actually has the chance to get to know you and all the wonderful things about you (like your compassion and your sensitivity towards others), then there’s a high chance that they’ll fall. But most of the time, the opportunity is missed because you can be so reserved and uncertain in the beginning that people just assume you’re not interested in them, even if you are and you’re just shy.

8. Aries

Here’s why you’re easy to fall in love with, Aries: you have a thrilling energy around you, you love adventure, you prioritize fun, and you’re not afraid to step outside your comfort zone. What makes you hard to fall in love with, however, is the fact that you can be really scared of commitment. Often in the beginnings of new relationships, you’re very vague and noncommittal about what you want, which always scares people off from wanting to fall further for you.

9. Libra

Libra, though humble, you are probably used to people falling for you. You make everyone feel warm and comfortable around you, you’re friendly and open, and your charm is irresistible. The only thing occasionally holding you back is that you can often be indecisive about what you want.

10. Sagittarius

When people are around you, Sagittarius, their world feels so much brighter and more exciting. You’re not at all difficult to fall in love with, because you make even the smallest things feel fun and invigorating, and you have a contagious love and curiosity about life.

11. Taurus

Falling for a Taurus is the opposite of difficult. With your incomparable warmth, your loyalty to your loved ones, and your constant thoughtfulness, people don’t have to try hard at all to fall in love with you.

12. Cancer

Congratulations, Cancer. Everybody can agree that falling in love with you is effortless. You address your own emotions with wisdom and courage, you understand others so easily, and you make people feel like they matter. Nobody has ever had a hard time falling for you – in fact, they’d probably say that it was easy.

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