Frog the rooster runs ton the school bus every day to greet its human

January 17, 2018

The unlikely cute animal of the day today is a rooster. A rooster named Frog.  According to the YouTube description, every day after school, Frog rushes to greet his human Savannah as she gets off the bus. As you can see from the clip, Frog executes this ritual with enthusiasm and impressive speed. After Savannah gets off the bus, she quickly picks up Frog and the two lovingly walk to…


Everything You Need to Watch on TV This Winter

January 15, 2018

If you happen to live on the East Coast, then you know this feeling: cold. It's genuinely, bone-chillingly, brutally cold out there right now. No one wants to leave the house. And for that, there's another feeling: the idea that you don't have to abandon the comfort of your couch. Sound boring? It won't be. Thanks to that joy known as "midseason premieres," there's plenty of television coming your way…


Colorado won’t let Jeff Sessions take their weed without a fight

January 10, 2018

Image: Shutterstock / twitter U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions had a New Year’s surprise for America: he’s coming for your legal weed. Defying the will of the voters, Sessions announced on Thursday a rollback of policies put in place by the Obama administration that protects states that legalize cannabis. The announcement comes just days after California officially launched recreational cannabis sales, and stands to become the largest market for legal…


People are tweeting their own nightmarish ‘Black Mirror’ ideas

January 3, 2018

If Charlie Brooker starts to run low on ideas for the next Black Mirror season, he shouldn’t worry too much — the people of Twitter have his back. SEE ALSO: Karl Pilkington totally predicted 2 ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 storylines Shortly after Season 4 was unleashed into the world, fans began tweeting out their own ideas for future episodes. These ranged from the serious… Black Mirror episode idea: A girl…


Sorry, but your access to free porn is about to die

December 21, 2017

Image: pornhub RIP your porn habit. Thursday’s FCC vote to end net neutrality will kill many of the things you enjoy most about the internet in its current form, but chief among them is your ability to access copious amounts of free adult entertainment. Imagine paying for porn #NetNeutrality — Luna (@Lunaa) December 14, 2017 Of course porn will never completely disappear — it’ll likely just cost you a lot…


Fox reporter gets blasted in the face with snowball moments before going live

December 20, 2017

Live reporting can be a risky business. Adverse weather conditions, large roadside puddles — these are just a couple of the hazards a broadcaster faces when they’re out in the field. It’s not often you expect the source of the chaos to be your own colleague, though. SEE ALSO: I really hate to break this to you, but that BBC dad video happened this year In the clip above, FOX6…


Man cooks his own food at Waffle House because the staff fell asleep

December 7, 2017

A drunk man decided to take matters into his own hands when he found the staff at Waffle House fast asleep. Alex Bowen of South Carolina stopped by his local Waffle House in Columbia for some late night grub early Thursday morning, after enjoying some drinks with some friends. SEE ALSO: The United States of memes has something everyone can relate to “It was around 3 a.m. I was pretty…


Woman sleeping at symphony is scared awake by sudden change in music

December 4, 2017

There’s nothing like waking up from a nice, relaxing sleep with a scream that could break glass.  The North State Symphony was performing Stravinksy’s “Firebird” at the Cascade Theatre in Redding, California, earlier this month when a startled woman in the audience stole the show from the musicians. A sudden change in the music caused a woman, who was presumably sleeping, to let out a shriek. The woodwind instruments fade…


Dude found the most bizarre image hidden in his computer wallpaper

December 2, 2017

Some people take their computer wallpapers very seriously. The background image should be selected with the utmost importance but you never knows if you might find a hidden picture in that background photo.  TheFishPenetrator uploaded a video to Youtube on Wednesday, when he thought he was losing his mind after thinking he saw as bizarre image hidden within his computer wallpaper.  When you move closer to the space background a…


Recipes for an all-potato Thanksgiving dinner

November 25, 2017

Mashed potatoes: The true best Thanksgiving food.Image: Shutterstock / zkruger If turkey is the attractive-but-boring star of the rom-com that is Thanksgiving Dinner, mashed potatoes are the funny best friend everyone low-key likes more than the protagonist.  They’re so good! You’d rather hang out with her for 90 minutes than you would a boring slice of turkey. SEE ALSO: A Butterball turkey expert is here to dispel 5 myths about…


This ‘slippery stairs’ game show out of Japan is just too good

November 23, 2017

Hello powerful TV executives, please make this game show go international.  A Japanese show is gaining recognition after a short clip was uploaded to YouTube this weekend. The concept is pretty simple: somehow get up these ridiculously slippery stairs covered in lube before anyone else. While some Japanese TV shows take things a little too far, this show is the perfect amount of danger, competition, and lube.  More From this…


19 times Chrissy Teigen was just totally done with everything

November 10, 2017

Chrissy Teigen is not someone you want to mess with on Twitter.Image: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock Many celebrities are on Twitter, but not all celebrities are good tweeters. Far from it. Some of them are too promotional, some are too controversial, and others have accounts but barely tweet at all. SEE ALSO: 69 times Ryan Reynolds was hands down the funniest actor on Twitter Chrissy Teigen, meanwhile, is an example of an excellent…


There are ugly Christmas rompers because apparently the holidays are lit?

November 7, 2017

Image: Shutterstock / Guschenkova/get on fleek Big Sweater no longer holds the monopoly on ugly Christmas attire. Online retailer Get on Fleek has released a new line of ugly Christmas and Hanukkah-themed rompers for men, and honestly, they look pretty snazzy.  SEE ALSO: If you ever wanted a dad bod, there’s a fanny pack for you Image: get on fleek Sure, the ugly Christmas sweater will forever hold its place…


Police were called to get this plump raccoon out of a sewer grate

November 5, 2017

Some days are good: you feel powerful, happy — like there’s nothing on this planet that you can’t do. Other days, you’re bloated, you’re mad, and you get stuck in a sewer grate. Such is life. SEE ALSO: Crap, I forgot to get furious about the Starbucks holiday cup this year Police officers in Zion, Illinois responded to a call about a plump raccoon stuck in a sewer grate on…


Local news attempts to eat world’s hottest chip and things went off the rails real quick

November 1, 2017

There’s just something glorious about watching local news anchor suffer through embarrassing or painful situations. KGWN in Denver recently decided to make five of its anchors do the Paqui One Chip Challenge. The lone chip is flavored with the world’s hottest pepper, the Carolina reaper. Despite it being only a single corn chip, the snack can bring people to tears, make them chug milk, vomit, and completely ruin their day….


‘Deadpool’ as a drama wins all the Oscars

October 31, 2017

Ryan Reynolds, master of the Twitter one-liner.Image: JUSTIN LANE/EPA/REX/Shutterstock As well as being outrageously chiselled, Ryan Reynolds also has a great sense of humour. A quick look at his Twitter feed, or a glance at the ongoing cropped photo feud he has with his wife Blake Lively, is glorious proof of this. SEE ALSO: Blake Lively gets the perfect revenge on Ryan Reynolds in 1 brutal birthday tweet On Monday,…


Watch as these kids battle the Demogorgon in our homemade scene of ‘Stranger Things’

October 31, 2017

Winona gets it.Image: netflix Aside from Game of Thrones, there probably haven’t been too many other shows as highly anticipated as Stranger Things this year. Ever since the first teaser was dropped at the Super Bowl back in February, people have been positively desperate for more of that sweet, sweet, ’80s-style horror. SEE ALSO: 7 ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 predictions Then, finally — after many painfully Upside-Down-free months — the…


Watch a shark scare the crap out of some dude at the museum

October 27, 2017

Be warned: The International Spy Museum in D.C. is a total troll. If you haven’t already seen it, there’s a shark exhibit in the museum, which has become well known in the past few years for briefly terrifying those who are easily scared. In the exhibit, there’s a screen that’s supposed to look like an aquarium, with a sign that reads, “touch at your own risk” above it. when you…


Kit Harington was made to wear a hilariously embarrassing Halloween costume by Rose Leslie

October 24, 2017

Rose Leslie is definitely an evil genius.Image: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock If you happen to be Kit Harington, what’s the most embarrassing outfit you could wear to a Halloween party? Well, there are probably a whole bunch of possibilities, but there’s one costume idea in particular that blows all the others out of the water — and it’s something Harington actually has dressed up as. SEE ALSO: Kit Harington played an incredibly cruel…


How one actor turned her brush with street harassment into a raucous, emotional concert.

October 21, 2017

Three years ago, Diana Oh was followed down the street and viciously catcalled by a group of men in an SUV. In the wake of that incident, the New York City-based actor and musician sat down in Times Square in her lingerie in front of a stack of paper bags arranged on a soapbox. One bag read, “The world bends over backward to make excuses for male violence.” She stood…


Dead 2017 pop culture trends got their own Halloween graveyard thanks to one creative art teacher

October 19, 2017

Image: Michael fry Aside from the scary movies, costumes, and cool weather, one of the best things about Halloween are people’s house decorations. And one dude decided to use his spooky decorations to comment on pop culture. SEE ALSO: Take a peek at our top five horror flicks of all time… if you dare! Michael Fry, 39 from Mamaroneck, New York, was inspired by Disney World’s Haunted Mansion gravestones to…


Dutch parody video thinks it’s found the reason behind America’s gun problem

October 14, 2017

One Dutch TV show has cut right to the heart of the matter with a satirical new video about America’s NRA problem. Only they dub it as our “nonsensical rifle addiction.” This charity appeal was made by Sunday with Lubach, and it nails our very serious problems with gun deaths in a surprisingly funny way — like saying people who suffer from NRA are from “rural areas or congress.” The…