Jimmy Kimmel Goes After Maniac Trump for Bragging About Who Has a Bigger Button

January 8, 2018

Unlike his East Coast competitors, Jimmy Kimmel taped his first show back following a much-deserved holiday break after President Donald Trump sent out what we can only hope ends up being one of his scarier tweets of 2018. After reading the tweet in question to the sound of laughs and groans from his Los Angeles audience, Kimmel said, Thats right. Happy New Year, everybody! We have two maniacs with nuclear…


The 10 Late-Night Moments That Defined 2017: Laughter, Tears, and Plenty of Outrage

December 31, 2017

Americas late-night hosts entered 2017 with a mix of trepidation and dread. After spending the better part of two years talking about almost nothing besides Donald Trump, many had hoped a Hillary Clinton win would give them a chance to finally move on. Its weird when people say this must be great for you about the Trump presidency, Late Nights Seth Meyers told The Daily Beast midway through the year….