Helen Mirrens Been Slaying Sexist Creeps for Years

January 22, 2018

Helen Mirren is Donald J. Trump. The harsh sound causes Ella (Mirren) and John Spencer (Donald Sutherland), two old, terribly infirm, lovers, to recoil. With Ella dying of cancer and John losing his battle with Alzheimers, the two decide to embark on a little bucket list adventure, taking their vintage camperdubbed The Leisure Seekerfrom the suburbs of Boston to Key West, Florida, in order to visit the home of Johns…


Dave Chappelle Reveals His Comedy Blind Spots in New Netflix Specials

January 10, 2018

Dave Chappelle doesnt offend me. Im not saying it to be mean. Im saying to be funny. And everything is funny until it happens to you. Even as I recoil at the latest bit of controversy-baiting in Chappelles new Netflix specials (particularly Equanimity, the more formal of the two), I recognize that my criticisms of the still-funny 44-year-old comedian arent rooted in how offended I am by his words. My…


How #MeToo Exposes the Myth of Sleeping Your Way to the Top

January 1, 2018

If women sleep their way to the top so frequently, then one would think thered be more women at the top. Among women, using ones sexuality to advance ones career is generally frowned upon, but its a pretty common assumption that people make about women who succeed. Joan Rivers accused Chelsea Handler of doing it, as though Handlers millions of fans and bestselling books were somehow summoned on the day…