Dave Chappelle Reveals His Comedy Blind Spots in New Netflix Specials

January 10, 2018

Dave Chappelle doesnt offend me. Im not saying it to be mean. Im saying to be funny. And everything is funny until it happens to you. Even as I recoil at the latest bit of controversy-baiting in Chappelles new Netflix specials (particularly Equanimity, the more formal of the two), I recognize that my criticisms of the still-funny 44-year-old comedian arent rooted in how offended I am by his words. My…


Being Transgender Can Be Funny, but Not for the Reasons Dave Chappelle Thinks

January 7, 2018

I agree with jokes he tells about transgender people in Equanimity, one of his a sense of humor about our unique place in the world; we just dont appreciate the sort of degrading and dehumanizing humor that Chappelle seems so fond of spouting in his Netflix specials, like calling sex reassignment surgery with cutting off a penis. I know that I laugh at myself. I do find it funnyin a…


‘Lovesick’ Season 3 officially launches on New Year’s Day, and the trailer is finally here

December 27, 2017

Lovesick It’s official: The best Netflix show you’re not watching is coming back on New Year’s Day, and now there’s a trailer for the third season, too.  It’s time for you to start watching Lovesick. There are only two seasons, with 14 episodes, and each one’s around 25-30 minutes. Get it on it now. Here’s the deal: The dumbest way to describe Lovesick is How I Met Your Mother, but…


Watch as these kids battle the Demogorgon in our homemade scene of ‘Stranger Things’

October 31, 2017

Winona gets it.Image: netflix Aside from Game of Thrones, there probably haven’t been too many other shows as highly anticipated as Stranger Things this year. Ever since the first teaser was dropped at the Super Bowl back in February, people have been positively desperate for more of that sweet, sweet, ’80s-style horror. SEE ALSO: 7 ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 predictions Then, finally — after many painfully Upside-Down-free months — the…