Nothing affects Trump more than what people say about him

January 10, 2018

(CNN)With his latest tweetstorm, addressing everything from North Korea’s nuclear threat to the mythical “Deep State” inside the Justice Department, Donald Trump has fallen through the floor of comedy and into the basement of tragedy. From his earliest days, when he fashioned himself into a character worthy of the stage, he was guided by dramatic impulses. Referring to his life as a “comic book” and “show,” Trump anointed public figures…


Memo to Melania: Take a page from Nancy

October 13, 2017

(CNN)When Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump seemingly joked about being “first lady” ahead of her newly-released memoir, current First Lady Melania Trump did not find it funny. Ivana and President Trump divorced 25 years ago. What good does it do to pick a fight with the mother of the President’s three eldest children, one of whom, Ivanka, is a top White House aide with a West Wing office? Join…